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12 Tribes of Israel

Care Unit Ministry

(Based on the 12 Spiritual Tribes of Israel- Revelation 7:5-8

(Click here for detailed information regarding the history of the 12 Tribes of Israel)

Tribe of Asher Sheild
Tribe of Benjamin Shield
Gad draft
Issachar draft
Joseph draft
Judah draft
Levi draft
Manasseh draft
Naphtali draft
Reuben draft
Simeon draft
Zebulun draft


The purpose of the 12 Tribe Careunit Ministry is to administer the member retention for the church. This involves helping new members get acquainted with the membership and assisting other members where needed. The12 Tribe Careunit Ministry will work to create continuity, unity, fellowship (according to 1 John 1:7), togetherness, and accountability via a systematic channel of communication process.


  1. The 12 Tribe Careunit Ministry is based on the 12 Tribes of Israel: Genesis 35:23-26; Exodus 1:2-5; Numbers 1:20-43; 1 Chronicles 2:2; Revelation 7:5-8.


  1. The Nation of Israel was divided into tribes for several reasons:
    1. Effective way to manage and govern a large group (Order).
    2. Dividing of the Promised Land, (Inheritance).
    3. Part of the culture and heritage, family clan and tribe (Connection).

Each member will be assigned to a Tribe Careunit based on careunit coordinator placement. As a careunit, prayer request, family matters, problems, concerns, celebrations, etc, can (should be) filtered up through the careunit to assigned careunit captain and careunit leader.

Every member is placed in one of the following 12 Tribe Careunits; assigned careunit leaders will contact new and current members once they are assigned to officially welcome member to the careunit.

  1. Tribe of Asher
  1. Tribe of Benjamin
  1. Tribe of Gad
  1. Tribe of Issachar
  1. Tribe of Joseph
  1. Tribe of Judah
  1. Tribe of Levi
  1. Tribe of Manasseh
  1. Tribe of Naphtali
  1. Tribe of Reuben
  1. Tribe of Simeon
  1. Tribe of Zebulun

The12 Tribe Careunit Ministry will serve to strengthen relationships and encourage members to become connected to the body. As the Ministry continues to grow, Tribe Ministry will effectively involve every member in “Embracing People.”

The 12 Tribe Careunit Ministry can serve many purposes to include:

  • Pastor can “Assemble the 12 Tribes” for any purpose!
  • Easily meet with the body for ESPN etc. by tribes
  • Communicate information to tribe leaders who disseminate information and make contact via the tribe network.
  • Immediate information regarding members and situations from tribe leaders.
  • Provides the pastor a solid network for receptive and expressive communication. (Eblast is great, a call means a lot!)
  • Centralize and develop prayer cells within tribes…
  • Track trends based on Tribes (i.e. participation in church events, etc)
  • Accountability (we are our brother’s keeper)
  • Outings together—The tribes can plan fellowship and other activities to do as a tribe. (audiences unlimited, etc.)
  • Tribes can rotate manning the prayer lines.
  • Tribes can be assigned specific months for outreach.
  • Fundraiser (for tribe activities)
  • Can be used in programs similar to the birth month
  • Creates bible scholarship regarding background of each tribe.
  • Fun competition!
  • Tribes can sponsor various projects (gutters, fence, all )
    • e. Each tribe can support the Kenyan well.
  • Which tribe has the greater membership in Bible Study, etc.

The 12 Tribe Careunit Ministry can provide an efficient mechanism for well defined channels of communication, accountability, fellowship, inclusion, and nurturing that focus on the edification of the Body of Christ at the Imani Temple of Temecula Church of God in Christ!

If you do not know which Tribe Careunit you are a part of, please contact us today!