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"Celebrate Recovery is coming back to Imani, please view all videos below,

visit the connect table in the foyer, or see anyone on the steering committee for more information to be a part of the new launch

Everyone can use Celebrate Recovery for all your Hurts, Habits, and Hangups!"

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 The Purpose

The Bible clearly states "all have sinned." Because of sin, we've all hurt ourselves, we've all hurt other people, and others have hurt us. This means each of us needs repentance and recovery in order to live our lives the way God intended. 

The purpose of the Imani Temple of Temecula’s Celebrate Recovery Ministry is to fellowship and celebrate God´s healing power in our lives through the "8 Recovery Principles." This experience allows us to "be changed." We open the door by sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept God´s grace in solving our lives´ problems. By working and applying these Biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually.

The Imani Temple of Temecula’s Celebrate Recovery Ministry is a biblical and balanced program to help people overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups. Based on the words of Jesus, this recovery program is unique, and extremely effective in helping people change. The Holy Spirit has used this program to transform lives and help people grow toward full Christ-like maturity. 

The Celebrate Recovery Program provides a means to instill God's healing power in our lives through 8 recovery principles found in the Beatitudes. By working and applying these principles, we begin to grow spiritually and become willing to accept God's grace in solving our problems. Change takes place as we share our experiences, hopes and strengths with each other. We gain freedom from our addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, joy, serenity and most importantly, a stronger personal relationship with God and others.

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