Hospital, Sick and Shut-in & Communion visits Ministries

Ministry to the Sick and Shut-in ( home bound) is the name given to services offered to those people hospitalized, in nursing homes or confined to private homes.

These services include:

  • A caring visit with time to listen to and pray about the concerns of the sick or shut-in
  • Administer the Communion.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide the sick or shut-in with an experience of the care and concern of their faith community and also, to provide an opportunity to pray with others and to receive Communion.

It is a way to keep the sick and shut-in connected with their faith community.

Sick and Shut in corporate effort: To keep eyes and ears open for the sick of the church, to send get well cards, to make sure the church clerk is aware of the sick so we could apply their names to the sick list.


To demonstrate the love and care of Jesus Christ to an individual in a hospital and/or shut-in

setting – in both spiritual and practical forms.

To minister to the individual through the reading of God’s Word and through prayer.


  1. Pray and prepare your own heart before the visit. This is a spiritual ministry and should not

be entered into in the flesh.


  1. Plan ahead. Think of the Scripture that the Lord would have you to share if given the



  1. Make the visit. Enjoy the time of being able to minister in this way.